Satelite Range Fine tuning Android App
Fine tuning Android App for Cable TV providers This application is basically built to show flexibility and functionality of library which is built along with application, HD Ranger is test device from PROMAX which is used to fine tune satellite as well as terrestrial network. Major use of this device is in entertainment world (like dish TV providers). This application is UI representative for HD Ranger, this application show's all reflection in values as well as it also provide functionality to change all parameters and reset the values. Application uses multithreading to update UI and to pass changed values to library. Application also contains custom graph's (bar chart and line char) both graphs are custom designed to get same functional and graphical look and feel like HD Ranger Device. Main purpose of this application was to develop a library which will be useful to customers, by using this library every customer can build their own application. Library contains some major functionality like:
1)  Creating Wi-Fi hotspot or starting Wi-Fi to accessing IP address. Which user can decide (If mobile doesn’t support Wi-Fi hotspot then library will start Wi-Fi only)
 2)  Start and stop function to start and stop server. (TCP/IP server, which will pass IP address and port number from getter methods, by using this IP address and Port number other device can connect to mobile)
3)  Getter methods to get parsed data (After getting files from device library internally parse it and only provide required data to user end)
 4)  This provides Setter method to set changed values or parameters to device (To change something user needs to send values as a parameter, Library internally creates assembly command and pass it to device)
5) This also provides Socket time out message updated by getter methods, so that customers can show those messages to end clients.
6) This also provides facility to user for both ways Multiple File Transfer. (Mobile to HD Ranger device and vice versa)

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