Restaurant App
This app is to facilitate the restaurants/Cafe/hotels to keep mobile/tablet based menu and feedback system. Interface is customizable as per customer requirements..see more
AEEC Mobile App
This is custom made mobile application for the field engineers of AEEC to collect and save meansurements and status reports of wells through their mobile. see more
Sales Rep. iPad App
This system is designed for use by  Sales Representatives. This application is a redesign and redevelopment of the current tablet-based software
see more
iBrochure App for Hotels/Restaurants/Real-Estate
This is an mobile/tablet brochure for Hotels/Restaurants/Real-Estate users that showcases all their schemes in the most impressive way. see more
eDetailing iPad App
This app is basically an “ Office on tablet” for pharma sales representatives to display the various pharma products to Doctors/clients. see more
Irrigation Tracker iPad App
To cater farmers in Australia to view the important soil fertility parameters and control the factors accordingly via Tablets see more
Satellite Range Fine tuning Android App
A fine tuning Android App for Cable TV providers This application is basically built to show flexibility and functionality of library which is built along with application see more
RadioKhushi Android App
A mobile application for the RadioKhushi users from their Android phones. This involves all the facilities on with live audio streaming, search, iCD (means favourite playlists), etc.see more
Vehicle Servicing Garage Android tablet App
This tablet app is for the motor garage company “Perfect Wheelz”, their engineers use it to capture all readings of the vehicle to be repaired/serviced. see more
GTS Tracker
The GTS is a software/hardware hybrid system that enables the real-time tracking and reporting of waste.see more
Assessment App
This is a unique model for assessment of any MCQ oriented competitive exams. This model is generic and we can fine tune it for any customer requirement.see more
Mortgage Calculators
This is a unique model for various calculators of any Real Estate/Mortgage purposes. This model is generic and we can fine tune it for any customer requirement.see more
iComplaint Manager
Here the concerns are already been categorized , so the user could select specific type of concern see more
Horse Racing App
This is mobile/tablet app for any horse racing clubs for their users to get latest race updates and other videos, photos, info about the events and races.see more
iPad Gaming Apps
We have developed some 2D games on iPad & iPhones, using Cocos2d, Chipmunk Frameworks successfully. The graphics are designed inhouse with end-to-end inhouse development..see more

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