Crystal Hitech is global software development company which focusses on cutting-edge technologies in domains of Mobile & Web applications. Our in-house expertise is spread across these key areas:

Mobile Services, Sharepoint Solutions, Portals & E-commerce, Product Development, and GUI Lifecycle for Applications

Our core values drive our thoughts and action in our enduring journey to achieve the targets of each engagement and meeting the expectations of every stakeholder.
Our team currently is of 20+ software professionals, which is dedicated towards our customer requirements.



Our Core Values


  • Commitment  Complete dedication towards work & the interests of all stakeholders
  • Meritocracy  Valuing productive work & sheer intelligence
  • Perfection  An unconditional obsession with excellence
  • Perseverance  The tenacity to travel the extra mile, whatever it takes
  • Liberty  A winning blend of autonomy and responsibility
  • Openness  An environment without hierarchies and bureaucratic hang-ups
  • A Learning Organization  An institutionalized culture of continuous Learning & Improvement
  • Value Partnership  Sharing the rewards of success



  • Delivering quality, on time every time
  • Creating sustainable and measurable business value

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